Bad News! Ticks Don't Die in Cold Weather

We've got bad news for you!

Ticks don't hibernate or die in cold weather.

Unfortunately, ticks thrive year-round and they’re found in all 50 states. Larger adult ticks are out in the fall and winter and they transmit multiple tick-borne diseases.

Ticks have been seen crawling through snow in February, looking for a blood meal (which could be you!) Climate changes also are allowing ticks to spread.

Ticknado is coming for you!

They are gross and they carry more than 15 diseases according to the CDC, and include bacteria,viruses and parasites. Although it’s rare in the US, certain types of ticks can even cause paralysis, according to Harvard Health

Our friend Tom Mather says Ticknado is coming. He's the director of the University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center.

He says " type that's especially dangerous -- adult black legged ticks. Rather than being killed off by cooler nighttime temperatures -- even a frost or a freeze -- adult black legged tick populations are just revving up, and they can strike ... well, like a Ticknado! And similar to being prepared for any other natural disaster, NOW is when you should have your tick bite protection toolkit ready ..."

Be sure TickEase is in your tick bite prevention kit. And be sure to do a thorough tick check on yourself, your family and your pets when you come in from outdoors. Learn how right here and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.