How Tick Man Dan Turned His Obsession With Ticks Into a Successful Business

Most of us don’t want ticks anywhere near us, our family or our pets. But Dan Wolff brings ticks everywhere he goes. He even brought them to his recent wedding.

Wolff is known as Tick Man Dan. He’s the inventor of the patented TickEase tick removal device for people and pets. And he’s turned his obsession with ticks into a million dollar business.

Dan surrounds himself with ticks. He wears shoes, socks, shirts and a watch emblazoned with tick pictures. He drives a huge tick mobile van to public events. Even at his recent wedding, he wore a tie covered with pictures of ticks

But before you dismiss him as simply a curiously obsessed fan of ticks you should know there is a method to his tick madness.

He wants to get people thinking and talking about ticks - and doing something about them. He is a frequent speaker to community groups, talking about ticks, their behavior and life-cycles and how they relate to the environment.

Even his voicemail message says “Make sure to do a thorough tick check daily on yourself and your pets. And don’t neglect your crevices.” Dan has videos and educational information about ticks on his website,

That’s because Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne disease in the United States. Without a reliable diagnostic test, awareness is critical—and being able to safely and properly remove a tick is crucial to preventing infection.

From a tin foil prototype to $1M in Sales

That’s what led Wolff to create TickEase - the dual sided device designed to remove attached ticks from people and pets. One side has the angled, pointy, fine-tipped tweezers recommended by the CDC for tick removal from people. The other side has a V-shaped scoop for removing ticks from pets.

Prompt and proper tick removal is a critical step in preventing infection. TickEase is the right tool to easily, safely and completely remove all types of ticks from people and pets.

Wolff made the prototype for TickEase in his basement, out of tin foil. Six years later, TickEase sales have reached a million dollars a year. The device is sold in more than 300 online and retail stores nationwide, including Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ace HardwareI and Amazon.

His invention is more important than ever this summer. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are venturing out into parks and onto trails for fresh air, exercise, serenity – and ticks that carry diseases.

Wolff’s physician father was mentor to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The two men were so close, in fact, that Dr. Sheldon Wolff was best man at Dr. Fauci's wedding. And Dr. Fauci even attended Dan’s Bar Mitzvah.