My Dog Charlie Got a Tick

My dog Charlie and I went for a walk in the woods near my house and poor old Charlie came back with not just one, but two ticks!

TickEase to the rescue! I easily got the intact tick off Charlie and saved it so I could send it to be tested for pathogens.

We do a thorough tick check on ourselves and our pets any time we've been outdoors. That's how I found the tick in this video.

I used the slotted end of TickEase tick removal device to remove the tick in tact. I put it in a plastic bag and sent it off to be tested for pathogens.

Ticks carry #LymeDisease and more than 15 other diseases, viruses and parasites.

Ticks are out all year round, even in the dead of winter. In fact, ticks have been spotted walking on the snow in February in Northern New England. Shortly after I made this video I found yet another tick on Charlie and took it right off with TickEase.

Be careful and stay safe. C