How to Check Yourself, Your Family and Pets for Ticks

I’m Dan Wolff - better known as Tick Man Dan - inventor of the patented TickEase tick removal device for people and pets. In this video I explain how to check yourself, your children and your pets for ticks - and the safe way to remove a tick if you find one.

Ticks love hard to reach and see areas of your body, so make sure you look closely at the following:

  • Between your toes
  • Behind your knees
  • In your crotch/groin area
  • Around your belt line
  • In your belly button (Dan’s had two ticks feed in there. Must have been hard with all that lint!)
  • Under your arms
  • Back of your neck/behind your ears
  • In your scalp

Follow these same tips when you examine your children. Use a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Before they bite, ticks are as tiny as the head of a pin.


Pets love tick checks! Examine your pet thoroughly from tail to nose, and you might even get a few sloppy licks in return.

Keep in mind, ticks like to embed themselves in the neck, head and around the ears of animals, so pay particular attention to these areas. Searching is made easier by separating the fur and examining the skin. Again, just be thorough.